Sunday, September 27, 2009


He eats Tigers for Lunch.

She eats snacks before dinner.

They eat ice cream together.

And I could eat them both up!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week 7

So I am now entering Couch to 5k week 7. The first week of all workouts being all running. And it makes me think: what should I be thinking about while I am running?

Since I mostly run inside on a 1/11 of a mile track, I certainly can't think about the landscape. Though on Fridays, I can enjoy looking down on the play group in the gym and this week a friend's 18 month old kept yelling to me and watching. But in general, landscape is out. If I think about my body I get too bogged down in being tired, or out of breathe. I suppose I should look for what feels strong. Other times, I just focus on distance (but never time.) And sadly, I spend a lot of tme thinking about work, But I will say that that kind of thinking often finds me distracted from the running for a lap or so...

I' ve just started reading about running as moving meditation...can you imagine? I could totally be killing two birds here..physical and mental fitness, all at once!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Still At It

Still running! I finished week 5 today with a 2 mile 100% running run! So proud of me! We'll be in Colorado on Thursday and I need to run Friday...I wonder if the change in elevation will have an impact on me? Only my dinosaurs will know for sure...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One for the Ethicist...or Miss Manners

So I am going to be pretty vague here because I work and live in a small community...

Today I was in a public place and there was a group of 10 or so teenagers, mostly female, near me. They were talking about a friend who thinks she might be pregnant and a back and forth ensued about whether or not she could get an abortion without her parents knowing. I think. I wasn't THAT close. But clearly they were talking about the logistics and legality of abortion. And I just happen to know ALL about that. Because that is my job. I was really torn about what to do...should I jump in the conversation or not?

In the end, I just walked away because I realized that I am totally going to come off like a buttinsky pain in the ass know it all mom type I say anything. And also, eavesdropping? Totally rude. And also as an employee of the local abortion provider, I was a little worried about raising concerns about confidentiality. I am tempted to go leave a few copies of "A Minor's Right to Reproductive Health Care in New York" in the general area.

What would you have done?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Going Postal

Oh yes, I did pick the cheesiest post title ever.

Here's comes a post worthy of the Wilmington Warbler...

My local post office stinks. (If you are reading this USPS my zip code is 12997) When Bill is in Alaska it is now NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to get my mail on other than a Saturday. And yes, I will be out of town on a few Saturdays. We have a box and were told we couldn't get our mail delivered, though other people around town seem to be allowed that option. The post office itself opens at 8am...if the postmistress decides to unlock on time.

But the window doesn't open til 8:30 half the days and 9:30 on the other half. I work at 8:30. Used to be the window was open at 8am and I could work 9 til 5 on the days I came in late after getting the mail. No more! If I wait til 8:30 to be leaving town I won't be at work til 9:30 and that means staying til 5:30 which means we get home at 7. And that wis only if the window is actually open on time...

And why do I need the window? Because I can only get there once per week and of course by that time the mail won't FIT in our box. So am I supposed to buy a bigger box just because SOMEONE decided to open later?

The only saving grace is that Sue works on Saturdays and I LOVE SUE. Otherwise I would....well, I don't know, since I need to get mail and have no other options!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 3 Complete!

Today I finished week of the the couch to 5k and it dawned on me, as I rounded the track on my final jogging interval, that there is something to this program. Each week, with the exception of the 1st, I wasn't sure I would be able to do the work out before my first attempt. And each week I've not only completed it, but felt ready to move up when I was done with all three workouts. Until I looked at the next set of workouts, anyway. And so I know that while the next week seems tough, I will be able to do it and do it somewhat comfortably by the end of the week. How clever of them!