Monday, August 31, 2009


These mice are big, y'all. And bold. Just wandering past the kitchen sink before it is EVEN DARK. Last night was night three of my mission to kill, and it was the first night of success.

Is it so wrong that I kind of like when I hear the snap of the trap followed by a small little bit of scrambling and struggle? Oh, I am sure it is. But the bastards poop on the counter, on the high chair, on the dish rack. I have children living here. And one of them will put anything in his mouth.

I am merciless when it comes to this kind of thing, or as I have joked before, I don't have a heart. A few years ago we had a chipmunk problem. They'd get in and then run around all willy nilly (at least mice seem to be on a mission for food). So we set a have a heart trap. When we caught them, Bill dispatched with them. But then he was gone to Alaska. I caught one. And had no idea what to do. I fear bringing it somewhere because frankly, all I can think of as I drive with it in the cage in the back the car is "What if this is the one that figures out how to escape?" So I left it in the trap on the porch. When I came home, the neighbor's cat was sitting next beside the trap. Watching. And the next morning it was dead. I seriously think it just stressed out and died.

And this, of all the possible and threatened reasons, is why I will be going to Hell.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I've been dreading winter this year...our leaky house (in many ways) and our old furnace loom large in my anxieties. We aren't fixing these things right now because we've come to a point where we aren't willing to put any money because we are pretty sure the prudent decision would be to tear it down and put up something new. Something smaller and more efficient. With closets and a bathtub. Luxuries like that. Anyway. That's not the point. I've just been dreading winter. The house, the cold, Bill probably having to leave to find work. The changing leaves I spotted on the drive over the mountain to book club were enough to send me over the edge. The mice have arrived, as they do every fall.

And then I realized. It's about all that and it is not. I think I really miss Bill but I am too busy to be able to feel that loneliness and this is where it is all coming to a head.

Usually I feel empty and sad immediately after he leaves through at least the week after Labor Day weekend. But not this year. Apparently 2 kids, working, cooking, cleaning, and battling rodents is enough for emotions. I wasn't feeling the rawness until just an hour ago, when I figured out what it is all about.

I do like being alone, but...not really. What I like is being alone with Bill.

Vacation Revisited

I look so pained, because I was. That fish was heavy and I had already dropped it once and had the worst grip on it. I was also really excited...

Waylon and Daddy bonded. And bonded. And bonded. And that is why word number one was Dada.

Eva Cornhands. We got a 60 count bag o' corn for the big family party and Eva is playing in the remains....

So we had a vacation and it was great...And I am sure the fact that I got crippling upper back pain the day before I went back to work was a bizarre coincidence. Or not.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Running Scared

So as I mentioned, I started running again on vacation and I was stressing over how I would continue once Bill was in Alaska and then when winter arrives. And I had that moment of inspiration where I remember that the Burgh has a city gym with a track and that I can join as a non-resident. So I did. And I had my first run there yesterday after work. And let me tell you, this place could really inspire a sprint.

So the gym was part of the Air Force Base...either that or it dates back the War of 1812. It is an old brick building with a basketball court with the track above on the main level and weight rooms below (also racquetball courts...that has always seemed fun.) The locker rooms are on the lower level with weight room. Well, the MEN'S locker room is. The Woman's locker room is in the basement. Imagine the scariest horror movie gym locker room set ever and you understand what I am talking about. There are showers and a sauna. Like I will ever dare get in the sauna. Because clearly the creak of the door and the hiss of the steam is what summons the serial killer.

I was already dressed when I arrived yesterday, because I wanted to scope the place out. Plus I need to a combination lock for my locker, or to use in defending myself from the killer. See you on Tuesday, Killer!*

*And actually, Killer, if you make me sprint from the basement up to the track, I won't have to really warm up, so that would be ok.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bad Blogger...

Oh boy am I a bad blogger! So sorry!

Bill is off to Alaska...he left Albany this am at 6 and has already called from Chicago...I'm home because he really really wanted to be driven to the airport this morning so I woke at 2 to get all of us in the car....hoping everyone needs a nap later!

My big news is that I decided to start running again. I've been doing Cool Running's Couch to 5K program, which is an 8 or 9 week series of workouts...I'm on week three and was stressing over how I would continue with Bill gone and only a single jogging stroller. But a shower thought came to me and I realized I could get a membership to the track at the P'burgh city gym on the base. Sold! I have my first indoor run tomorrow after work and plan to do 3 lunchtime runs a week. On the off days I have been doing pilates and the strength and abs portion of the 30 day shred. Now i just need to find a 5k to run in November.

We had a great vacation and W is now the master of the backwards scoot and the owner of one tooth!