Saturday, February 28, 2009

We made it through the week, and I got to sleep in until 8 this morning. I was more productive at work this week than I thought I could possibly. But less productive at home. Oh well!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Week

Well, we have made it more than halfway through my first week at work. I already am feeling in the groove when I am in the office. Too bad I feel so out of it the rest of time! I now must get up at 5:30 in order to get out the door by 7:15, so we can get to the sitter's house by 8 to have time to nurse, so I can get to work 5 minutes early to do a spit up check. The first day Waylon spit up at 7:12 and we didn't get out til 7:25. Then I leaked all over myself during the day care nursing session. Then he spit up on my sleeve. My sitter gave me a spare shirt in case I started to smell like rotten milk by lunchtime, but I made it through the day (and made sure my cardigan was always closed!)

Tuesday was much smoother.

The evening is just as busy. Thank GOD Bill is not working and can make dinner for us to eat when we get home at 6. (Yes, it is nearly an 11 hour day.) Then Waylon only wants to be nursed and held by ME until he falls asleep at 9 or 10. And he's up at 2, usually, to nurse. I just let him stay in bed with us til 5:30. But I sure would like it better if we could see more 4am, or even 5am, wakeups. He did it a few times when I was on leave...Even if I go to bed 5 minutes after he does, I am still not prepared to wake to feed. This morning I heard him crying for a while, and half asleep, wondered why Eva sounded different.

But overall we have done okay.

My sitter had a rough day today, though. He napped very little and cried a lot. Is it totally wrong that I hope this means he will sleep well tonight?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Back to Work

I am going back to work on Monday and I am pretty happy about that. As I've written before, I love my job. It is something that makes a real difference in my community, and it is something I am deeply passionate about. (see my post on contraception for evidence...)

My organization is in the midst of a huge and exciting change and I've been feeling out of the loop and can't wait to get in on the excitement. There's a big meeting with our Board tomorrow that I was excited to attend. Bill and I had an elaborate plan for him and the kids while I was in the 6 and half hour meeting.

And then Waylon went and got sick. I've spent the last few days trying to figure out whether or not I would be able to go to the meeting. Finally Bill sat me down and explained why I wasn't going to go. I feel horrible about it, and like the worst employee in the world calling my boss to tell her. Why? It doesn't even really make sense to feel bad, seeing as I am on leave until Monday...But there it was...the godawful working mom guilt. Worse than ever.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 Months Old

Still Sick

Still coughing and puking up feedings but less than before...We planned to go to Burlington today, but decided Plattsburgh was aas good as it was getting, in case he was planning on not being able to keep anything down. In other words, we only want to be one outfit change away. We made it just fine, thank you!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poor Baby

Waylon's cough is back and worse. Last night he had a bluish cast to the area around his mouth, so he went in for his 2 month check up a day early today. He is being tested for whooping cough, and if he turns blue again, we are to call right away and bring him in for observation at the hospital. (The pediatrician offered that to me today, but said if I wanted to just keep him at home that was fine too, so that is what we are doing.) Poor feller. He managed to get out of his shots today by being sick...too bad he has to get them next week anyway!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Contraceptive Contraption Conundrum

Today I went to the ob's office to get myself 5 years of worry free contraception. And I ended up with just over 5 minutes of worry free contraception. I has a mirena inserted, but unfortunately my uterus is tipped in such away that the doc couldn't place it properly. It actually went into the muscle wall of the uterus and had to be removed, so it wouldn't, you know, migrate into my abdominal cavity. So much for that. She said we could try again after more time has passed post-partum, but by then Bill should have had the Big V. I refuse to go back on the pill, for the sake of my milk. And the mini-pill is not an option I got pregnant on it when Eva was 9 months old (I knew I was pregnant for a day, and then miscarried.) So it's back to condoms. Which I got pregnant while NOT always using when Eva was 6 months old. This time Bill will be more diligent. I have baby fever and can not be trusted! But I am letting cooler heads prevail and sticking with 2, thank you.

But all this leads me to ask a question we often discuss at my is it that there is no perfect form of birth control for me right now? And by for me, I also mean for a huge number of women in this world. Yes, there are wonderful technologies, but they aren't 100% effective and there are many reasons why individual women can't use any number of them. I have friends who have latex allergies, who can't use hormones, who don't want permanent sterilization, who have funny shaped uteri...We all struggle to find the pill that makes us not crazy or fat, to find a spermicide that doesn't cause burning, to find a method that okay until we quit smoking, to convince a doc to give us an IUD or tie our tubes even though we've never had kids, Then we have to deal with assholes judging our choices made from limited options. Fuck that shit.

Gee, maybe it is time for me to get to work and channel this anger into good.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feeling More Like Human

Why oh why is going back to sleep after a nighttime feeding so tough? While I complain about this now, Tuesday night was glorious (at least from my perspective.) Sure, Waylon cried "the entire time" I was off seeing Slumdog Millionaire (alone, how I love to go to the movies alone! And that is now one of my all time favorite movies.) But when I got home at 9:30 I topped him off and he slept til 4, nursed in bed and slept beside me til 8! That, and our plans for a walk around Mirror Lake in 50 degree weather MUST be why he is smiling!

This is EXACTLY how BIll looks when watching tv. Please also note that they are HOLDING HANDS.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winter Fun

Ahoy, matey!

Queen of the castle...

Ski lessons with Rachel...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The children were nestled...

Only they weren't. 4:23 am and NO ONE is nestled snug in his or her bed tonight. Eva's been up about five times tonight, as has Waylon, Surprisingly only one of those times was the SAME time. Bill is currently snozing while i handle this go-round. But I hear movement above as either my brother-in-law or nephew (who will be stayng with us until his stuff for is new apartment in Lake Placid AND his truck arrive) go to the bathroom.

We had a great day today at the saranac Lake winter carnival. We came home to rest and then to dinner with the intention of hitting the fireworks after, but we were running late. But we totally won that round of parental lucking out: we happened to spot some fireworks in Placid as we enroute to missing the SL show and we convinced Eva the fireworks she watched from the side of the road were the ones we intended to show her along.