Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life Ain't Fair

This morning I woke up with the hair of a Victoria's Secret model and the body of a Green Bay Packer. God bless hormones.

My hair has seriously been out of control this time around...It grows like a weed and is super wavy. Bill should be really happy to see it...He loves the long hair.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Magic 8 Ball

One black shirt
One white circle of paper
One black crayon
Packing tape

Eva was very happy with hers, and she will wear it again Friday and I will take pictures!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Last weekend

Bill comes home on Tuesday afternoon, which means if I want to get it done, this is the time to do it! It? Cleaning our bedroom and the rest of the house. Sorting baby clothes. Finishing a quilt. We'll see how I do. Can you tell we don't want to do much, ad would prefer sitting around, making scary faces.

And QUICK name an easy costume for a preggo that involves things found in MY home.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let sleeping kids lie?

This afternoon I had the great pleasure of witnessing the most AMAZING temper tantrum ever. It was awesome in both its length and depth. "Go AWAY!" "LEAVE ME ALONE!" and "NOOOOOOOO" punctuated by the occasional: "Ah nah gahhhhhhhhhhhhh HURK AMmamamamamm." Which is either: I want to call grandma or I don't want my pajamas.

And then it was over. After 15 minutes. And the Junior Miss settled down on the couch. I went to start dinner. And the snoring began.

She's sick, obviously. Low fever. Cough. Snuffly-ness. And the last two nights were spent in bed with me, in part. Which means that after combining toss, turning, coughing, crying and kicking (external) with general discomfort, turning and kicking (internal) means I have not slept for more than 2 hours a clip since Saturday night.

I AM NOT READY FOR THIS. LEAVE ME ALONE!Ah nah gahhhhhhhhhhhhh HURK AMmamamamamm!!!!!!!!!!!

So do I go get her....nevermind. She's awake.

first words: Go away mommy!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two more months

...and I already look like I am hiding a basketball under my shirt!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Virginia is for Lovers (Mostly)

I spent my afternoon volunteering with the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, calling voters in Virginia. We use a great phone banking system that dials for you and puts your script right on the computer makes the time go much faster, since you don't have to listen to busy signals or, for the most part, answering machines. (A few of those do sneak through!)

I loved calling Virginia because EVERYONE was polite. No one hung up on me, not even the folks who obviously disagreed with my stance on choice. I did have one crazy lady who went on about Sarah Palin's "mongoloid baby" and how she wasn't going to vote for "Barry." At least she was nice to me.

My favorite call was to an elderly woman who called me Miss Martha and said she hoped to see me at the polls on November 4th, because she isn't going to miss it for the world.

I feel really good about spending my afternoon talking to folks!

And after that as over I visited our BRAND NEW Target. Finally, an alternative to Walmart and the run-down KMart. I spent way too much money, but I did find Eva some real clothes that can double as her "princess ghost" costume. and I bought a pack of newborn diapers to use on the Boy until his cord heals. (At least with Eva, the cloth diapers always seemed to hit her in just the wrong spot, and irritated her belly.) I feel satisfied. Especially since my mom is currently handing bed time duty and my feet are up on the coffee table.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yesterday, as we came to the intersection by our house, we passed a veritable gaggle of Olympians in training. And they were shirtless, most of them. And they were wearing the hilarious roller skate skis that folks use to practice nordic skiing on the road. Eva yelled 'HELLLLOOO" and started to wave madly. And got a bunch of waves back. Everyone left the encounter happier.

Other highlights of the day were flu shots, Eva's surfing a bathmat face first into the toilet, the bruise that resulted, and eating McDonald's together for lunch inside the car wash. Oh, and all the great birthday greeting I got!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh my lord. I may be creating a monster!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Lulu: Silly and Sweet

We were goofing around taking pictures with photobooth for her Dad, when Baby kicked his big sister and she stopped to take a minute to feel him move.
He flipped! I had a midwife appointment and wonder aloud about movement (or relative lack thereof compared to Eva the kick boxer) and she said she would see if she could figure out how he was positioned. Head down! and I think it happened yesterday, because today I felt much more uncomfortable!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Making Change

Today I helped make a change. It was minor, but not unimportant. The local paper has been covering a story about a man who, when questioned about another crime, told police where the body of a Canadian woman who has been missing for 4 or 5 years was. The body was found and today's headline was "Stripper's Remains Confirmed."


I emailed the paper right away, saying: I was very disappointed in your paper's decision to use the following
headline on the October 7th edition of the paper: "Stripper's Remains Confirmed." Surely we are more than what we do for a living. I did not know (the name of the murdered woman) but I am certain she was a friend, a daughter, a woman, a person, among many other things. The fact that her employment was in an industry about which people make moral judgements makes your use of her job title more problematic. A better headline would have been "Missing Women's Remains Confirmed."

Not an hour later, the editor emailed me at work (we know each other through my job, but I didn't submit the letter in my professional capacity) to apologize and to admit they had used poor judgement. And while it was obviously too late to change the headline on the paper paper, the online edition now says: "Quebec Woman's Remains Confirmed."

Friday, October 3, 2008

Downhill from Here

I can see snow from my house-Whiteface has a white face. Winter is coming. Yikes. That is all.