Saturday, May 31, 2008


On Thursday I was at a seminar on building effective non-profit boards. I've only ever been on the business end of the board meeting, never as a board member. The more I listened at this meeting the more I found myself longing to be part of a board. That very night I went to a meeting of a group I have been peripherally involved with for the past year (they are working on a community center for our town.) As part of that meeting, we talked about a new project, a museum. The focus on the museum is something I am passionate about-both because it's something I enjoy, and because it pays approximately one sixth of our bills. Fly fishing. And they are building a first board. And I have much needed PR and development experience. HA!

Funny how things come together...

Monday, May 26, 2008

I have been seriously ravenous all day long. Now that I am feeling better, I am attempting to eat better and more healthfully, but I still run for the nutella on white at least once a day. My other craving is veggie Subway subs (the works, jalapenos, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper on Italian herb and cheese) I could eat one every single damn day. Oh and Cokes and root beer are also irresistible, so I bought the tiny cans for myself.

We had a classic Stahl day in the Adirondacks yesterday: canoeing on Black Pond with sandwiches from Saranac Sourdough (muffaletta for me, don't tell the NO LUNCH MEAT police), root beer (of course) and two servings of their chickpea salad. I caught a fish (lovely brook trout, not eaten). We looked for flowers in the woods, and Lulu gave a lean-to magic show. Then we did a classic drive the longest way home possible (with those all veggie chips with the flying pigs): through Onchiota and Rainbow Lake and past Kushaqua and Mud Pond, and with side trip to visit Bill's friend who seems to own all of that part of the Adirondacks. Lulu had a ball with his dogs. Then home via Alder Brook (tomato basil salad with lots of vinegar and red onion), Union Falls, and Silver Lake. I took no pictures, but if you want to see that area, I refer you to Woodsrun (link to left.) She takes much better pictures of that area than I could! Home to eat the second half of Lulu's turkey sandwich and walk to Whitebrook Dairy Bar for ice cream (mint chip).

Damn, I'm hungry and I ate not an hour ago.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Evil Chest Gas Bubble

Oh no! I didn't get the evil chest gas bubble until much later with Lulu. After morning sickness this feeling is my least favorite pregnancy symptom.

It feels like a huge bubble in the middle of my chest, that sometimes starts to rise up, but never completely goes away, even if I belch like a drunkard at the county fair!

I drink bubbly beverages, because it least then I get a real burp instead of these weird low ones that never make it out!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Picnic at the VIC

Lulu and I took her grandma for a picnic at the Visitors' Interpretive Center at Paul Smith's on Saturday. We hiked, at lunch at the top of a tower, and watched Lulu's magic show in the lean-to.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last night we stayed up late (til 11!) to watch the new PBS documentary on the Adirondacks. Cool to see people we know on camera (and have them not be, well, me!) I think they did a good job of capturing a piece of what it is like to live here now, while also sharing some of the history. Check it out if you can and feel inspired to come visit us. We still have three guest rooms! Catch it while it lasts!

Birthday month shout outs to Becca and Richie from Bebe Lulu! Three and One!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What I Missed

While I was at an all day meeting in Massena, this is what Bill and Lulu did.

Argh. As I wasn't already feeling torn about work life and home life and how the HELL will I balance them in the coming year????

Saturday, May 10, 2008

This morning, Bebe Lulu and I were talking about names. Hers, mine, Daddy's. She's knows his is Bill, but she seemed very surprised at my name. I thought she would forget it, but after her "nap" (no sleeping involved) she called "Mommy Martha! Mommy Martha!" Only she can't say Martha, so she says Mars-ah.

We had one of those days you can't have when you are experiencing morning sickness or when it a month ending in R (or H or L, for that matter.) We went into Plattsburgh and bought a new vacuum. Yes. The Dyson. And I regretted it for about 10 minutes. Then I checked all the filters and connection and the plate on the bottom and now I LOVE it. (I was also looking at the Kenmore Progressive, but those have filters to change and, in some models, bags to buy. I won't do either, so I picked the Dyson (cheapest one, on sale). Then we went to the Low*s and bought dirt. Then to the Farmer's Market. And bought cookies. Then home for the "nap". Then off to Mac's for soft serve. (The Baby cone is the size of my thumb, and PERFECT.) Then to the nursery for more dirt and compost.

We are exhausted.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am pretty much the worst at everything I do these days, and completely non-resilient. Hence closing my door to cry at work. Oh well. I am sure i will one day (in like 18 months) be a productive member of society again.

We saw the blob yesterday at our 8 week appointment. Very....blobby. The ultrasound tech is the worst. She's very cold, and parrots these re-rehearsed lines, while throwing in her particular brand of anti-choice cheer. (I happen to know her politics, so I can recognize WHY she insists the "baby" is "completely developed" by now. Sure, who needs eyelids the open and close? or working lungs?) But still, thanks for helping see the Deuce. Heartbeat = 170. For those following it home, this is an old wive's girly sign. Just saying.

We also learned that my midwive's are being crosscovered by most ob practices in town, which means it's highly likely someone I don't know will be there for delivery. My fave midwife already said I could get induced to be sure I had her, but after experiencing pitocin contractions once? No thanks. I am just relying on good karma and luck that Karen, the fave, will be able to do the delivery. Even though I think my friend J. may have just used that exact same karma for the exact same purpose.

Monday, May 5, 2008

"Go Barack Obama Go!"

Yes, she did.

Why did we get $600 less than I figured we would in our stimulation? Should I use some of it to buy a dyson, or am I a victim of marketing? How can I get Bill to stop using words like cha-cha in reference to body parts with real, anatomical names? (Lulu's not mine, of course!) Since when did depression become a pregnancy symptom?

See what I think about when not barfing?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Classic Lulu

1. Lulu sneaks into the bathroom, where I am ralphing, and rubs my back.

2. Lulu sees Barack Obama on tv and says: "Mommy, Barack Obama cute."

3. When Lulu discovers that Dad tok the rest of the coffee cake fishing with him, she gets the phone. "I call daddy to get my cake."

Friday, May 2, 2008

The nausea has let up a little, but the exhaustion is ridiculous. I've been in bed by 8 the last two nights and decided I couldn't take another day of uselessness by 5, so I am at home. I was going to work, but that hasn't exactly happened yet.