Sunday, January 31, 2010

I thought this weekend would be relaxing...

It started on the right note, with lunch with my pal Laura, sans kids. And before that even I got to work on cleaning my craft room and making it usable. Oh and before that, I took the day off, so this was Friday. But then we started to have wood stove issues. Like smoke leaking from the the stovepipe. And it was 9 degrees at its warmest on Friday. And many below that night. We really NEEDED the wood stove, but had to let it die so Bill could clean out the pipe on Saturday. Oh well, our furnace kept us and the pipes from freezing, so can't complain.

Saturday we hit the Wild Center. Which was fun. But not exactly relaxing. When we got home, Bill cleaned the stovepipe. And then the house filled with smoke. Thickly. I played in E's room with the kids til headache set in and then I went for a drive with them. All at dinnertime.

Today I was convinced I had carbon monoxide poisoning, which explains why I washed my cell phone with my clothes, at least.

But nevermind all that, because Bill got THIS picture at the whyseum.


Laura said...

OMG...W's face is HILARIOUS!!! Love it~and loved our time sans kids! LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!!

Vicky said...

Love that face.