Monday, January 11, 2010

The Gall!!


When I was pregnant with E and W they both used to wedge their feet up under my ribs on my right side. Or maybe it was a head. Whatever body part it was hurt. A lot.

So imagine my surprise when I felt a little of that same pain on my way back from California. Because the only body parts in my abdomen are my own. Same pain. In front and in back. On the right side only. Suddenly it was starting to sound familiar. Were two friends in two recent conversations BOTH talking about their gall bladders past? And wasn't right side pain a symptom.

Hello Dr. Google. Thanks for the diagnosis. I am taking my imaginary feet, which were never feet to begin with (oh...gall bladder pain during pregnancy is common, is it?), to the doctor tomorrow am.

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Laura said...

Feel better Martha~